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You are on this page because chances are very high that you are doing video promotions on YouTube. And you know that…

  • Nothing converts better than videos.
  • The more you are watched the better it is for your brand and sales.
  • The more you are liked on YouTube, better it is for your organic ranks.
  • The “WOW” thing about YouTube is their over 1 billion users.

So, you should take your YouTube campaign seriously, and you know that if you are somehow able to track your videos performances and analyze the cause of your current lower rankings, then you’ll be able to fix it and hence enjoy enormous wealth behind your sales. So, you are ABSOLUTELY AT THE RIGHT PLACE at this very moment.


Have a look at our software which can help you TRACK your YouTube keywords to SAVE TIME and IMPROVE your RANKINGS.

Now you can:

  • Track – Checking rankings of your videos for multiple keywords on a daily basis is a serious challenge, and you need to do so if you want to understand the pattern of your videos performances. Our software is here to support you exactly here. You’ll be able to see the rankings of your videos against multiple keywords (tags) on a daily basis.
  • Analyze – Once the patterns comes before you, you’ll be able to understand what is working better for you and why. This is the real juice you’ll enjoy while using our software.
  • Improve - Once you know the reason behind performing better and not performing well, then you can IMPROVE for SURE.
  • Grow followership – As you start improving your rankings, your videos views will automatically increase, and that will lead to increase in your YouTube channel subscriptions. The more subscribers you acquire better it is for your brand.
  • Saves time with ease – You have a lot of important works like writing posts for your blog, talking to your clients, doing office work. Do you think that you really have time to manually find rankings for your videos against your keywords on a daily basis? Answer is… Plain NO. You have to delegate this task to someone who is reliable, who report you back on fix time daily basis with high accuracy every time. Believe it or not, you need a software instead of a human. We present our software to you for the same.

You’ll be delighted by enjoying amazing features which our software offers. These features along with the core concept of the software itself are going to make your life easy by providing you some freedom by taking up from a hell lot of manual work. Some of the SALIENT FEATURES are:

  1. High Accuracy
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Comprehensive Reports
  4. Logs of Daily Movements in Positions
  5. Patterns & Performance Identification

This is all you actually need on a daily basis if you really want to perform well on YouTube and want to become a successful marketer or a community manager. We are providing you all this, in the form of this software, at dirt cheap prices. And using our software is very easy.


Below are the simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Register yourself.
  • STEP 2: Choose your membership. We offer flexible plans, free and premium (just 5€ per month with monthly renewal). Free members get results for first 3 videos, and premium members get results for all videos.
  • STEP 3: Authorize access to your channel.
  • STEP 4: Enter your commas separated keywords (tags).
  • STEP 5: You’re done!! Your YouTube ranking report is ready. You’ll get a list of your videos and their rank for each of your keywords.

YouTube Video Ranking will be your best tool in your arsenal for your YouTube campaign. Remember…

  • your Time is PRECIOUS,
  • It’ll cost you just 5€ for the several hours of work,
  • It’ll help grow your video views, YouTube subscribers, brand visibility, and hence SALES.